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About Us

Our Philosophy


Our vision is that every Champs Student will be academically prepared for their next phase in education, and more importantly, each child be groomed into a confident, disciplined and socially / morally responsible person, key foundation for their life long journey ahead. We strive to create a conductive environment where the children will enjoy their learning experience with Champs.


Our Vision

We strive to:

  • Create a stimulating environment where children learn through play, and present learning programmes that include both planned and unstructured experiences  

  • To help children develop in language, social skills, self-confidence, self-expression, self-help skills, through problem solving and independent activities.

  • To inculcate sound moral and social values, through character education, instilling good character traits such as respect, compassion, courage, generosity, perseverance, responsibility, self-discipline, trust worthiness and confidence in the children, giving the children sound foundation in such values will prepare then well for their life long journey ahead.

  • To help the child refine and develop skills that will stay with them and prepare them for their next phase in life.

  • We aim to work in partnership with families to achieve continuity of care for children.


On top and above the academic aspect, our curriculum Centres on building a firm foundation in developing lifelong learning skills  through mastering self-help skills, developing independency, encouraging creative thinking physical agility , and most importantly, sound life-long social and moral values.


At Champs Montessori House your child will acquire life’s essential skills, be motivated to explore and stretch your child’s imagination and given a strong foundation for future learning. Your child will also be encouraged to grow into socially confident, responsible and creative individuals amidst a warm, homely atmosphere and ample physical space.


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